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 Name Changing Script And Skin Color Changing Script

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PostSubject: Name Changing Script And Skin Color Changing Script   Sun Apr 26, 2009 6:06 pm

Hey guys,
Here are two scripts good to use for nexuiz:
One about Name Changing script that changes every 6 seconds made by Medjay Penguin (my Brother) and by Ozomahtli (me), and a skin color changing script made by PinkRobot.

Name Changing Script Made By Ozomahtli and Medjay Penguin:
defer 6 "name <First Name>"
defer 12 "name <Second Name>"
defer 18 "name <Third Name>"
defer 24 "exec nameycyle.cfg"
//Made By Ozomahtli And Medjay Penguin.
You just have to put this in a text editing program and save it as namecycle.cfg in your Nexuiz/data folder.

Note:Replace The First and second and third name to your own name and you can add some other names just by putting the defers always +6.
Note:Some People Wille Be mad at you because it spams the others console a bit so use at own risc Very Happy

And The Skin Color Changing Script Made By PinkRobot.
defer 0.5 "color 1 1"
defer 1.0 "color 2 2"
defer 1.5 "color 3 3"
defer 2.0 "color 4 4"
defer 2.5 "color 5 5"
defer 3.0 "color 6 6"
defer 3.5 "color 7 7"
defer 4.0 "color 8 8"
defer 4.5 "color 9 9"
defer 5.0 "exec skin.cfg"
Put this in your nexuiz/data folder as skin.cfg.

To activate these scripts go to nexuiz open your console and type
exec skin.cfg
this is for the skin script
is for the name script.

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Name Changing Script And Skin Color Changing Script
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